How do I navigate back to other wallets?

I have tired using setting on the top right corner to navigate to ETH and BTC. Since this wallet is not yet released, I couldn't switch too other wallets to test them out. 

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This is a UI/UX issue, because Harini is using the "Settings" icon to try to navigate to other wallets (NOT the crypto icons in the left sidebar). 


The BTC and ETH under the "Settings" icon are just to export the private key. Navigating between the supported cryptos and the "Portfolio/Transactions" area are done by clicking the icons in the left sidebar. If this is not clear, let's discuss ways to make this more obvious.


Hi Harini,

Thank you for the feedback!

The current release only supports sending and receiveing from BTC and ETH wallets. Are you having issues switching between these wallets?

However, we are on track to be releaseing a version with wider support for more crypto coins in the very near future.


Kirubel Girma

Lead developer, Javvy technologies LTD