BUG: Error on SEND ETH, even though successful

Scenario: Sending ETH

In certain cases (to be determined), the wallet will time out after 120s with the generic error of "Something went wrong". This error is returned, even though the transaction is sent successfully.

In testing, there seems to be an issue with the "Tx fee", as the amount sent (per the blockchain) appears to be the intended amount PLUS the fee. A few more tests are required in order to isolate the condition that causes this issue, and then it should be easy to correct.

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Hi Dong. Could you confirm whether the balance is still reflected incorrectly now (after closing/reopening the app and now that some time has passed)?

I saw an exception error in the logs from about the time you reported, and it was related to a TxN not confirming within 50 blocks. That could be related and may give us a clue. Knowing if the balance updated (or not) could be a second clue. 


The wallet balance seems to be the same even though the transaction was successful as well.


I noticed this happening on my Testnet. I'll look into this ASAP.