Is there documentation for the Javvy app?

Selected create Eth Wallet and them program appears to have locked up. Waited 10 minutes then killed it.

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Hi Pat! Thanks for writing in. :)

At this stage, we are not providing documentation, because the goal is that the app be intuitive enough without it (all needed info supplied within the wallet as you walk through it).

However, the wallet creation step is one that I feel is not intuitive yet. Currently, you must either "Import a previous phrase" OR you must create BOTH a BTC and ETH wallet. I created the following "idea" a few days ago to track progress on making wallet creation optional:


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p.s. If, however, you are clicking on both BTC create and ETH create and THEN it hangs, definitely let us know, because that would be a bug. However, the logs do not show any failures in the past 24 hours, so I suspect that you only tried to create the ETH wallet that you specifically mentioned.