Accepted Ideas

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    Add transaction hash (txid) for each transactions

    Dong Jun Kim · 1 · Last reply by Brandon Elliott

    The hash for each transaction helps users identify transactions that they recognize. Adding a history of the transactions that have been sent/received would be nice.

    The txid can be imported by using the Etherscan/Ethplorer API.

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    Feedback and FAQ

    Adia · 1 · Last reply by Brandon Elliott

    As a suggestion, I think it would be good to have a link to the feedback page on every interface in Javvy wallet. So that way, if a user has an issue while sending, they can immediately go to the feedback page instead of having to click the home button and then press "Learn More" to get to the feedback page. 

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    Add export options for private key (and wallet "phrase")

    Brandon Elliott · 0 · Posted

    Consider adding:

    • copy/paste
    • print
    • output to file [optionally encrypted with salt / password]

    Some competing wallets also allow "email" of private keys, but we cannot endorse sending or storing private keys in email. You wouldn't send all of your identity or banking information through the mail, would you?